The BLP series alignment tool,  allow a single operator to install the RK series detectors quickly and easily.

The BLP units equipped with laser optically pointed with the detector optics, so the laser point where the detector optics point.

For the reflective model (RK+FX) the laser aligner is placed on the detector optics clearly, while for models (TX+RX) with separate transmitter and receiver the BLP will only be on the TX unit.

For installation, simply install the devices (TX+RX or RK+FX) on the wall and then switch on the BLP and adjust unit optics to aim the laser at the RX or FX.

In any case the alignment with the BLP is only the first part of the detector alignment, in fact it has the purpose to have a basic signal on which to perform the ‘Electrical alignment’ which is the only alignment recommended by EDS.  Alignment with the BLP alone is no guarantee of optimal operation of the RK series detectors!

Let’s take an example to understand :

1 – once the device is fixed to the wall, the device is switched on and the BLP is switched on, then by adjusting the three bolts of the optics we point the laser.

2 – now I could have a 1V signal in reading, let’s switch off the laser and try to raise the signal as much as possible with the three bolts of the optics

At the end of the adjustments, the laser may be shifted from the initial adjustment, which is perfectly normal.

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